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ARTICLE: “Opportunities for US automotive suppliers in Europe still exist,” Melissa Anderson, MiBiz, 11/25/12

EVENT: OESA Breakfast Briefing on IRN Pricing Survey, Kim Korth, 12/12/12

EVENT: Kim Korth, keynote address, Plastics News Lightweight Vehicles Conference, 11/6/12

ARTICLE: "Europe Clouds Auto Optimism," Melissa Anderson, MiBiz, 10/28/12

EVENT: Precision Machined Products Association Annual Meeting, Kim Korth address, "Operating at the Speed of Change," 10/26/12

EVENT: AMT Forecast Conference, "Automotive: A Rare Bright Spot in the Economy," Kim Korth, 10/25/12

EVENT: Kim Korth on the automotive outlook, Southern Automotive Conference, 10/11/12

ARTICLE: "Minority Sourcing Still a Challenge," Melissa Anderson, MiBiz, 9/27/12

PUBLICATION: IRN 2012 Material Pricing Survey now available!  For more information, click here.


Order Your Copy of the 2014 IRN Material Pricing and Cost Recovery Survey Report Now

The results of this year's survey show that raw material prices are expected to be on the rise again over the next 12 months. Plastics, steel and aluminum were most commonly named by survey respondents as ripe for price increases of up to 10%. After a period of downward price movement, will this be the start of a new cycle?

Order your copy of the full report to learn how component suppliers are dealing with the current dynamics and preparing for the potential price pressure ahead. An e-copy with company license can be ordered for $125. Click here for the order form.

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Check back to provide your input and find out the latest trends from the survey that IRN has been conducting since 1997 on the dynamics of price reduction requests and commercial relationships in the supply of automotive components.





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